Empowering STEM education one letter at a time

Calling Primary Educators and STEM Enthusiasts in Australia! Join STEMpals to transform education together, one letter at a time.

You can’t be, who you can’t see

STEMpals connects Australian grade 5 & 6 students to STEM professionals through a pen pal program so students can be who they can see.

Our Mission

We empower our next generation to be scientific literate and curious

So that it can effectively tackle future challenges. No matter where you grow up, you deserve access to inspiring STEM mentors. STEMpals taps into the science that a positive early science experience changes your STEM engagement for the rest of your life. 

For Educators

Unlock classroom discovery! Seamlessly integrate our program, boosting scientific literacy and engagement. Curated curriculum alignment promotes growth in English, Science, and Design & Technology.

For STEM professionals

Share your passion and inspire curiosity as a STEMpal. Contribute to student success through just one impactful letter exchange each school term. Your insights help educators nurture young minds and spark lifelong curiosity.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

How does the STEMpals program work?

Personalised Learning

Every student is matched with a STEM professional pen pal who shares their passions, transforming learning into a tailor-made adventure.

Ongoing Growth

STEMpals exchange one letter per term. Letters are themed to help guide the exchange and classroom planning.

Curiosity Empowered

Students discover a genuine passion for learning through immersive experiences.

STEMpal Program

Not just our words:

What our participants have to say

Impact we have made with your help!

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students inspired

Donations and our sponsors help cover the costs involved in delivering STEMpals into remote, regional and low socioeconomic areas. Ensuring we inspire our next STEM generation in Australia.

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